Raise more money, change more lives

Partner up with Gift Give Back and our active customers to kickstart your online business.

Network of customers

We do the marketing and acquire new customers so you can focus on your products.

Suite of seller tools

All the tools you’ll need to manage, promote, and grow your business with ease.

Your shop, your money

You’re doing all the hard work producing your product, so we feel it’s right you keep 75%.

Personalized Store

All seller pages on Gift Give Back are laid out to attract attention to your cause, with your store name, logo, products, social media and descriptions as your own content and SEO friendly.

This means you don’t have to worry about design, which on the one hand is great. You can trust that Gift Give Back provide a clean, clear, and attractive design which shows off your products and provides a great user experience.

Simple, Powerful

You don’t have to be a tech guru to sell online. Not on Gift Give Back that’s for sure! Gift Give Back was designed to make building your own online store to raise money for your cause as easy as possible. We have powerful tools that small business owners need to run an ecommerce business. We give you everything you need while keeping your interface clean, clear and very user friendly!

Attract Prospecting Customers

Once you’ve spent a bit time uploading your stunning products and writing detailed descriptions, your store deserves attention! You don’t want your website to be hidden in the backwoods of the internet.

Gift Gives Back shines spotlight on your store. It’s an extremely popular marketplace. People don’t need to be looking for you specifically. They simply search by cause and find your products.

This is a great place to level up your philanthropy efforts while utilizing a channel of engaged consumers, free of charge.


Account Application

This is the name that customers see when purchasing your products. Please choose carefully.

Need more information?

Who can join Gift Give Back?

Charities and non-profits in North America, Canada & Europe can join Gift Give Back. Charities will need to have a charitable registration number or a Gift Aid number to join. Learn more

How Can I join?

Click on this ‘Join Us’ link or fill out the online application form above, we’ll guide you through the process as you go along.

Do you charge a fee?

Charities and their supporters deserve the best, thats why our platform is 100% FREE. We deduct a small fee from each purchase by the buyer that goees straight back in to the business to make Gift Give Back better for everyone. Learn more

What are the benefits of joining Gift Give Back?

Gift Give Back is a one-stop-shop that enables all types of sales & fundraising. Helping to shine light on your charities story, and maximize sales you receive from selling good you to your supporters and advocates of the cause.