With November 2020 coming in the next few months while still seeing a surge of Covid-19 cases throughout the U.S., the election is at the leading edge of a variety of peoples’ minds. Volunteers and employees working at their local poll have a tendency to be older parents and retirees and are especially at risk of contracting the coronavirus. Due to this, Old Navy has announced they are going to pay employees who wish to help out at the polls. Encouraging younger, more healthy individuals to assist on Election Day 2020.

According to launch from the company, Old Navy personnel who serve on the polls are eligible for up to 8 hours in their everyday pay. That’s similar to whatever they earn for operating the polls — a few states ask for volunteers, even as others provide pay to their ballot employees.

The campaign is a part of a partnership among Old Navy and The Civic Alliance and Power the Polls non for profits, these charities aim to inspire both voter registration and voter turnout.  In fact, on the pinnacle of paying personnel who volunteer to paintings the polls, Old Navy is amongst the one corporation allowing their employees a paid break on election day — up to 3 hours — to vote.

“Every voice on this united states subjects and merits to be heard on the polls, and if we at Old Navy may be even a small a part of making that manner extra handy to the groups we name home, we’re on board,” stated Nancy Green, head of Old Navy,

Old Navy is doing this because the country faces a large scarcity of ballot employees for the approaching 2020 election. The Civic Alliance and Power the Polls need to locate an extra 250,000 ballot employees earlier than November so as to maintain balloting locations “open and working effectively throughout the united states.”

To learn more, or help out at your local poll.


The Civic Alliance

Power the Polls


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