Giving Back has the power to change our communities, classrooms, workplaces, families or relationships, with the added bonus that helping others is also beneficial for your own mental health & self esteem!

Right now, given the harsh realities of COVID-19, we can all play our part in promoting kindness and having a positive influence on others and our own mental well-being, because of this we have committed 5 ideas to help you get started:

  1. Reach out: A quick text or email to your friends , family members and neighbours to see how they are doing and in good health or offering up if there’s any way you can help them. .
  2. Show appreciation: Everyone adapts to remote work and the stressors will be greater for some than others. If you know who these people are, show your support for their help where possible, or offer praise when they’ve been helped.
  3. Support around the house: You spend more time than ever before at home, which can be overwhelming under one roof for all parties. When you can, relieve the stresses by supporting those around you. ‘Chores’ can also be extremely therapeutic, this time of year you could help to rake up the leaves.
  4. Give assistance or ask for it: knowing when they don’t feel right and asking for help is the most effective way for people to remain mentally stable. Consider reaching out to family , friends, or a charity for mental wellbeing to develop coping strategies to search for a more optimistic direction, whether for yourself or anyone else.
  5. Volunteer: Look for opportunities for volunteering that can be achieved from the comfort of your own home, such as joining a friendly service to support those at risk of depression, with isolation allowing many of us more free time. Talking is an outstanding treatment for everyone!

Share what you’ve been up to by using the hashtag #giftgiveback


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