Give a gift. Make a impact.

All of our vendors are dedicated to giving back socially through a percentage of their sales or by working with local charities (e.g. helping plant trees).

We strongly believe that together we can do better to help the planet, and to help socially. This can easily be done through the simple act of gift giving. 

come first

Our company exists to help merchants sell more. We make every decision based on how well it serves our customers.

Operate with

We’re honest, transparent and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company. We have no tolerance for politics.

Make a

We push ourselves to be our best, we arrive every day inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion and hard work.

Niki Ghazi


Founder // owner



The perfect gift isn’t just about what the person wants or needs, but it is a reflection of your relationship, the way you see them, and the thought behind it!